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Why You Should Visit Queenstown, New Zealand (Part 2)

Queenstown Bungy
Why You Should Visit Queenstown, New Zealand (Part 2)

There are lots of reasons that you should visit Queenstown, New Zealand. With lots of activities, a bustling nightlife, a funky CBD and beautiful scenery we would be here for days if we had to list all of the reasons! In this blog post, we’re going to explore just 3 great reasons why you should visit Queenstown. There will be three types of activities looked at; one will be adrenaline-pumping, one will be serene and scenic and the other will be a great eatery that you should try out. For more great reasons be sure to follow our blog!

The Queenstown Canyon Swing – go either “tame” or extreme!

If you are looking for something a bit different than a bungy jump, then give the Canyon Swing a try. When you jump from a bungy, you feet are bound together and you dive off a ledge/bridge and free fall straight down (you are also put in a full body harness but it does not act like a seat). The canyon swing is quite different; you are instead put in a full-body harness that lets you essentially sit mid-air. You are then swung off a ledge and you swing around the canyon. It is run by the same guys that run the Nevis Bungy (AJ Hackett), and they know their stuff! You free-fall for 60 metres and then swing a smooth 200 metre arch at over 150k’s per hour!

When you jump off a bungy jump, your options are usually somewhat limited as to how you jump (unless you know how to do flips and do a flip instead of a jump!) but with the canyon swing, you’re swimming with choices. If you’d like a “tame” adrenaline experience, you can swing normally or you can choose from a total of 10 swinging styles such as going upside down!

Horse Trekking at Glenorchy

Close by to the Queenstown township is the delta flats between the Rees and Dart Rivers in Glenorchy. We recommend taking a horse trek here; it lasts for 2 hours and it is a great way to see the scenery. If you are beginner, that is absolutely fine – the instructors will teach you to get up and riding on a horse in no time! If you are an experienced rider, that is great too. All riders of different experience levels are welcome. Be sure to go there on a day that the weather is good! The instructors are very friendly. They love their horses and they love sharing them with guests.

A Great Restaurant to visit – Fishbone Queenstown

When you visit New Zealand it would be a crime to miss trying some of our delicious seafood. NZ is very unique in that most cities and towns are only a couple of hours away from the sea, as the country is long and thin. Because of this, we have a unique relationship with the ocean and it is an important part of the kiwi culture and sea food is a big part of our diet. Fishbone in Queenstown does seafood at its best. They source their fish and seafood directly from the South Island. New Zealand’s food tends to draw a lot of inspiration from the global world, as NZ is a young country that welcomes immigration. Fishbone’s menu reflects this; it has seafood dishes that have been inspired by all sorts of cuisines including Indian, American and European. Don’t miss it!

We hope you have enjoyed this blog post on some great reasons why you should visit Queenstown. Stay tuned for further posts that will tell you even more about our lovely city, and what it means to us.

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