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The Haka Budget

The Haka Budget

Budgeting is not an easy thing to do, let alone trying to do it while you’re travelling. Lucky for you, Haka has all the tips and tricks you need for prepping your budget to actually staying on track!

Preparations: What should you do to get ready for your trip money wise?

  • Research 

This is the first thing you should do when planning a trip. You’ll want to know where you’re going, what there is to do there and roughly how much everything costs. Even if you’re a spontaneous, spur of the moment kinda guy or gal, you’ll still want to do some research on where you’re going. You don’t want to go somewhere with X amount of money and find out that everything costs way more than you were expecting!

  • Save, Save, Save! 

This is the key to having a good time! Now that you’ve done your research, you know roughly how much money you’ll need throughout your travels.

  • Document 

The best way to stay on budget is to have an easy to follow and record budgeting system. The easiest way to keep track is with an Excel spreadsheet. You’ll want it off-line because you probably won’t have internet everywhere you go, especially in New Zealand!

Budget: What do you actually have to budget for/put in your spreadsheet? 

  1. Transport. How will you be travelling around New Zealand? There are plenty of options including renting a car, renting a campervan, taking a bus or tours. (Obviously we recommend the best, Haka Tours!) You’ll want to check out how much renting or buying a car would be and rough gas prices. You’ll also want to see what’s included on bus rides or tours.
  2. Accommodation. Most camping grounds have a fee, but we recommend you stay in one of our lovely Haka Lodge’s! We have locations in Auckland, Paihia, Taupo, Christchurch and Queenstown starting at just $25 a night!
  3. Food. It’s cheapest to buy food at the supermarket and cook yourself. Like most hostels, each Haka Lodge has a kitchen available for use. If you’re camping, make sure you have the right equipment to cook all your food and be aware of the no fire zones, as there are plenty of them around New Zealand in order to keep the beautiful landscape safe and sound. Also, be sure to budget for eating out. It can get a bit monotonous cooking for yourself every night. Also, you’ll want to check out some of New Zealand’s great eateries!
  4. Activities! Since you’ve done your research, you know which activities you want to do and roughly how much they cost. Be sure to include alcohol and an “extra” in your budget, you never know what may show up!

Be sure to comment on any other helpful tips you may have for travelling! Ta for now!

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