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Martina Mestek

Taupō Assistant Manager

Why Haka Lodge is awesome:

For me it’s the feeling you get stepping in any Haka Lodge. That homey, comfortable feeling which you get when you are amongst friends. As a backpacker i know how important that feeling is and at Haka that comes naturally..Besides comfortable beds and awesome staff, of course!

Favourite local activity:

Exploring the Garden City on a bike! Cruising through the Botanic garden, stopping at the Museum and grabing a cup of coffee or a quick lunch at Re:Start Mall. But if I want to chill and enjoy an afternoon at the beach I take a bike to the Sumner Beach. It is amazing and just a quick ride from the hostel!

Top tip for making your stay a great one:

Christchurch is a city full of kontrasts. On one hand you have the ruins and construction sites, but on the other hand you have beautifull parks, gardens and beaches. Take the city as it is and give it a chance. Explore it and get to know the history and the people. Once you realise how the city is constantly transforming and evolving, you will see it’s a city of opportunities and hope.