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Eabha Devlin

Christchurch Assistant Manager

Why Haka Lodge is awesome:

By virtue of the fact that installed within it is an ethos of family and a universal love for all of our fellow earth bound human beings from across the globe. Not to mention the fact that it operates with such cool, calm and collectedness, at least most of the time!

Favourite local activity:

If we are talking local in terms of Auckland, I must say, rather like an old man, I enjoy a long and lumbering stroll in the Domain, enjoying the geese with their terrifyingly beady eyes, the ducks, and of course that one solitary chicken that hangs around acting like it’s totally not weird that it’s there, which it totally is. Who can forget also the dankness that is Waihake Island, and my current stomping ground the picturesque Titirangi. In terms of the wider locality of NZ I love the beauty of both Wanaka in the south, and Lake Taupo of the north.

Top tip for making your stay a great one:

Top Tip for making your stay a great one: Be kind to everyone and everything and have an open heart towards everyone you meet, except for perhaps a Young Nat. Just kidding. Also be nice to the earth and it will return in kind to you. Don’t get hung up on the trivialities, if you don’t think something will bother you a year from now, then it ain’t worth get bothered over now!