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3 Reasons to Visit Queenstown – Adrenaline, Scenic and Skiing

3 Reasons to Visit Queenstown
3 Reasons to Visit Queenstown – Adrenaline, Scenic and Skiing

Queenstown is known as the Adrenaline Capital of the World, and it has earned its title. There are lots of reasons to visit Queenstown; extreme activities, fantastic scenery, delicious eateries and in the winter you take advantage of world-class ski slopes! With so many reasons to visit Queenstown we had to just limit ourselves to a few, so read on to see what we think about Queenstown (hint; we think it is pretty neat!).

The Nevis Bungy – The highest bungy in the Southern Hemisphere!

For people willing to throw themselves off of things, the Nevis Bungy is an absolute must-do for you! It is 134m tall, which gives you a staggering 8+ seconds of free fall through the air! The experience takes about half a day; you start off on a rugged 4×4 wheel drive to reach the bungy itself. You then board a pod which takes you up to the bungy station, which sits in the middle of the air! Getting up to the station is thrilling enough – but once there, the fun really begins!

The Nevis Bungy is the largest bungy in the Southern Hemisphere – and that includes Australia. While it is not water touch, you freefall 134 metres which totals 8+ seconds. The crew are very friendly and very encouraging; they have had a lot of experience in dealing with cold feet! You are harnessed in the entire time you are in the bungy station, so no need to worry there. If you would prefer to just watch your friends throw themselves off the ledge, that is fine too and you can just go up and watch for a small fee. The ride itself there is very entertaining and highly recommended.

Bus or fly to Milford Sound, and take a cruise and a hike

Queenstown is a gateway to the Milford Sound, which makes it a great option for a day trip. One thing to keep in mind, is that the Milford Sound is reasonably far away; it is a 4 hour bus ride each way. If you have the extra money, we recommend flying there instead. Once you reach Milford Sound, a cruise is a must-do and will let you see a lot in a very short space of time. We recommend you combine that with some extra exploration of your own. You will have lots of photo opportunities as it is absolutely gorgeous!

Being so far away, you might be wondering why you wouldn’t make it an overnight trip instead of a day trip. The reason why is because the township is incredibly small. You have very limited options for eating and sleeping. That is why Queenstown acts as a gateway; it is relatively close and a lot of trips run there and back at some great prices.

Cardona Skiing and Snowboarding Slope

Queenstown is close to a lot of slopes and Cardona is one of them. It is just an hours drive away from the city and it is a great option for groups that have skiers/snowboarders of different skill levels as it has options for both beginners and experienced pro’s. It is split into three very distinctive bowl areas. If you have children and want a slope that has facilities aimed at kids, then be sure to come to Cardona. The skiing season in NZ lasts from June to early October, with the best time being late August to early September.

Thanks for reading our blog article on some great reasons to visit Queenstown. We will be updating our blog in the future so be sure to come back and read more great articles on Queenstown and Christchurch!

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