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Queenstown and why I love it.

Queenstown and why I love it.

Queenstown is many things to many people. It’s a stunning place full of natural beauty, with views that leave you in awe of the natural beauty and envious of those that get to live here.  It’s the adrenaline and adventure capital of the world, with a huge number and variety of extreme sports and activities available. It has numerous places to stay, including our own Haka Lodge and of course there is the wonderful atmosphere created by those that visit, work and play here – it is, after all, a giant playground!


The vibe of the town and the area, come night or day, is something truly unique, created by a vibrant group of people who really want to be in Queenstown. From the backpacker who had to hitch-hike from Christchurch to the tourists who just flew in from Europe, from the temporary seasonal worker to the head of one of the activity giants, everyone has made it their goal to live and work in this awesome town. Even on the worst of days there is a buzzing energy in town that has everyone grinning, grateful to be in this paradise of the paradise that is New Zealand. You can see that energy just looking around at others, making it so easy to bond over being in the same location at the same time.


In the summer it’s hard to drive on the streets for the number of (mostly downhill) mountain bikers and in winter the challenge is to go more than 100m without seeing someone carrying a snowboard or a pair of skis. All year round there is a massive active buzz around the place that is enough to invigorate and energise even the most laid back of backpackers!


The local community is active and utilises services like Facebook pages ‘For rent in Queenstown’ or ‘Queenstown trading’ to offer help on a huge scale when people have a query, a question or just want to find somewhere to live with a great group of people! It’s a great way to meet people before you even arrive and a great tool for people already living here – it’s also a great place to keep up with all the Haka Lodge news and any specials on our own Facebook page.


What we’re trying to convey through these words is that Queenstown is not just the adventure capitol of New Zealand but also that it is a place that brings out in people the joy and freedom that comes from living in a town so full of shared experiences. Come and check it out for yourself – we’re waiting to welcome you at Haka Lodge!

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