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Haka Lodge – A Year in Review 2012

The year of 2012 has been a huge one for the Haka Lodge brand! Not only did we grow our Christchurch lodge to be the top-rated hostel on Trip Advisor, but we got the privilege of opening a brand new hostel in Queenstown! Along the way our fans – which we like to call “Haka Warriors” – have been with us and supported us. We would like to thank all of our warriors of making 2012 an amazing year that we won’t forget! To celebrate the amazing year we’ve had, we decided to do a kickback to 2012 and check out all of the highlights over the past year.

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Why You Should Visit Queenstown, New Zealand (Part 2)

There are lots of reasons that you should visit Queenstown, New Zealand. With lots of activities, a bustling nightlife, a funky CBD and beautiful scenery we would be here for days if we had to list all of the reasons! In this blog post, we’re going to explore just 3 great reasons why you should visit Queenstown. There will be three types of activities looked at; one will be adrenaline-pumping, one will be serene and scenic and the other will be a great eatery that you should try out. For more great reasons be sure to follow our blog!

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How to Bus to Haka Lodge Christchurch

Are you travelling to Christchurch, New Zealand and are looking to take advantage of the public transportation here? Then this blog post is for you. Christchurch as a very efficient and affordable bus transport system that both travellers and locals take advantage of. In an earlier post, we took a look at who runs the buses and we looked at the prices, plus gave a great tip on how to save money (by purchasing a metro card). In this post, we will discuss in more detail the bus that leaves from the airport – the Purple Line bus (Sumner to Airport via Avonhead). This post will give you instructions on how to catch it, and how to take it to Haka Lodge.

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3 Reasons to Visit Queenstown – Adrenaline, Scenic and Skiing

Queenstown is known as the Adrenaline Capital of the World, and it has earned its title. There are lots of reasons to visit Queenstown; extreme activities, fantastic scenery, delicious eateries and in the winter you take advantage of world-class ski slopes! With so many reasons to visit Queenstown we had to just limit ourselves to a few, so read on to see what we think about Queenstown (hint; we think it is pretty neat!).

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3 Great Reasons to Visit Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch is where the Haka brand all began. In 2007 Haka Tours launched in Christchurch, taking customers around the whole of New Zealand on what was then 26 day tours. In 2011, the Haka brand expanded with the purchase and renovation of a hostel in Christchurch. It has now been in operation for a year and a half, and we have worked our way up to the top of Trip Advisor!

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Christchurch Public Transportation – Christchurch Bus Network

Visiting Christchurch, New Zealand but don’t have a car? Don’t fret; Christchurch has a great public transportation system. It is one of the cheapest in the country, and it is efficient, clean and comfortable. Getting around a foreign city is always daunting, so we have decided to write some blog posts to take you through how the local bus system and explain how it works. In part 1, we are going to look over two topics that we are regularly asked about; which companies run the Christchurch bus system, and look at how much it costs to ride. For more details on this, be sure to look at the official Metro website for Christchurch.

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