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An Inside Look at Haka Lodge Auckland’s Beginnings

An Inside Look at Haka Lodge Auckland’s Beginnings

Charlotte, one of our staff in Haka Lodge Auckland, has been living on site since before the lodge officially opened it’s doors to guests. We asked her to give us a glimpse of what it was like to watch the magical last few days putting the final touches together in a building that hadn’t seen any life or adventure for over a year. Here is what she had to say:

“When I first moved into Haka Lodge Auckland, it was less of a lodge and more of a construction site! Two weeks from our official opening date and our days were marked by the coming and going of builders, the smell of fresh paint and the sounds of vacuums and power drills. We were busy dusting everything, cleaning marks off the walls, making beds and setting up each room as and when they were ready. Three of us already lived on site, and we would spend our evenings huddled up in the lounge, trying to stay warm and bringing some life into a building that had not been lived in for almost a year. We also got to know all the locals who were more than eager to tell us some of the stories that happened in this historic building that used to be one of the well known bars on K Road, Auckland.

Before we knew it, the big Opening Night was here! We spent the evening showing off the lodge that had become our home with pride to about 60 people, and the positive response we got from everyone was overwhelming! Some of our visitors stayed the night in the lodge and I will never forget the feeling I had the next morning. As I was waking up, I could hear a buzz of voices coming from the kitchen; it felt like Christmas morning, waking up with excitement as you know you are about to have a very special day and the eagerness to get out of bed to be with everybody!

That first night of being opened, we only had one reservation, yet by the end of the day, a dozen guests were staying in the lodge, people who were all as excited as us to be our first guests!  And it only got better and busier from there!

Haka Lodge Auckland is now a place constantly buzzing with people as we are almost always full; our long term guests have made the lodge their home away from home but still find time always welcoming new travellers with a cup of tea and a smile. We have also received a very warm welcome from the neighbourhood, especially from Thirsty Dog, our local pub, and Coco’s Kitchen, a great Italian restaurant across the street.

And things are still changing in the lodge. Our team of staff has now doubled, the 11 bed dorm and 20 bed dorm have now opened, as well as our one of a kind, in house cinema/TV room! The Lodge is also getting much better looking thanks to one of our Haka Tour guide’s photography slowly being put up on the walls throughout the building, and we will soon have extra tables delivered for the kitchen and lounge.

Haka Lodge Auckland has been opened for three months now, and what a transformation it has had! I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2015 has in store for us!”

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