Frequently Asked Questions

Normally check-in opens at 2pm and check-out is by 10am. However, we are flexible to your needs so please feel free to ask us if a different time is available. We will do everything we can to accommodate you. Luggage storage is available from arrival regardless of check-in time. You are able to check in at anytime during the night if your plane arrives late.

You are able to check in at any time to Haka Lodge – but you do need to let us know in advance when you will arrive so we can make arrangements for you. If you will be ariving in the early morning you would need to book the night before in order to have your bed or room available for when you arrive. Otherwise normal check-in time is 2pm. Luggage storage is available 24/7.

Yes! All of our lodges have slightly different facilities, however most of our amazing bunk beds have large under-bed storage lockers big enough to fit a large backpack or medium-sized suitcase. You must provide your own padlock (most lodges sell these) & all luggage is stored at the owner’s risk. All of our private rooms are accessed via key.

You are welcome to purchase and bring your own alcohol to the lodge. Drinking is allowed in the common areas of the hostel until 10:30pm but we ask that you please don’t drink in the bedrooms. We are fun, relaxed and laid-back but we aren’t a party hostel, so please be considerate of other guests! Staff at each of our Haka Lodges reserves the right to ask overly intoxicated guests to leave the premises if they are causing a disturbance.

Inside the lodge is strictly non-smoking. If the fire alarms are set off there is a large fine and if found responsible you will be charged. You are able to smoke outside, but we ask you to do so away from the building in consideration for others. We also do not allow vaping inside our hostels, though you are free to do this in the outdoor areas if you wish.

When you book over the phone, we will need a credit card to secure your booking. The reason we need this is for security reasons. As an example, if the fire alarm is set off, we are charged a large fine – $1,500 – and if the alarm was set off by you, you will be charged (so please be careful when cooking)! We will also charge you for the first nights stay if you fail to honour your booking.

At certain times of the year we offer long-term accommodation if it is available at a reduced price. The minimal period for long-term prices is 1 week or longer. Please get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.

Yes, most of our hostels have a female only room for our guests who are more comfortable in this kind of accommodation. Please check our availability in these rooms online, or call our hostels to check with our reception staff. Our regular shared dormitories are mixed gender rooms, unless otherwise specified.

You can read our terms and conditions here.