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Best Bunks In The World!

Best Bunks In The World!

My grandmother always told me to invest in good shoes and a good bed – because if you’re not in one, you’re in the other! She was a wise woman, and we’ve taken her words to heart at Haka Lodge; we’ve made sure that our beds tick all the right boxes. We’d even go so far as to say that our bunks are the best bunks in the world!

Why are they so good, you ask?

Well, we put our heads together and came up with the main problems you might face when staying in a bunk bed, and we have done our best to solve each and every one of them! Check them out below – and if you need more proof, come and check them out in person!

Problem One: The mattress is thin and uncomfortable. 

This is really the most important aspect of a bed – the comfort level of the mattress! We don’t believe in using foam mattresses – just because our bunks are low in price does not mean they have to be low in quality! We have hotel quality mattresses on every bed, along with a mattress and pillow protector. Our duvets are thick and warm and the pillows are guaranteed not to be lumpy! And if you can’t sleep with just one pillow, ask at reception and we can give you a second one free of charge! Now you’re guaranteed the most comfortable night’s sleep. Problem Solved!

Problem Two: You need some time to yourself in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a hostel.

Staying in a dorm can be a great experience as you meet lots of new people – but sometimes you just want to chill out and have some time on your own – and at Haka Lodge you can do just that! We have a privacy curtain on every bunk, meaning that when you are finished chatting and want to catch some shut-eye, or even just read your book in peace, you can pull the curtain across and voila! It also means you can sleep during the day without having the light in your eyes. Problem solved!

Problem Three: There’s nowhere to charge your phone

Having one plug socket in a six bed dorm is just not going to cut it in today’s age of technology – almost everyone is traveling with a cell phone and some also have an iPad, a laptop, an iPod, a kindle – all sorts of things that need charging. We’ve solved this problem by installing a double socket on every bunk – your very own charging station! Our Paihia lodge even has a USB charging point on every bunk so if you’ve forgotten your travel plug, don’t worry! You can plug it straight into the wall! Problem solved!

Problem Four: Everyone is asleep but you just HAVE to finish the last chapter of your book!

It’s late, you’ve been reading in the lounge but it’s just closed for the evening and you make your way to your room. Everyone else is asleep and you don’t want to wake everyone up, but you have to finish your book! Do you sit outside in the hallway, reading until midnight, getting a cold bum and toes, just to find out what happens in that last chapter? Not in Haka Lodge you don’t! In every Haka Lodge you will find an individual reading light on every bunk. That means you can climb into bed, pull across your privacy curtain, turn on your light and read until the wee hours of the morning in comfort! Problem solved!

Problem Five: Where do you put your phone and keys once you get into bed?

Once you get into bed, the worst thing is not having anywhere to keep your phone. You need it for an alarm for that early morning dolphin swim you’ve booked, but you don’t want to sleep with it under your pillow. Do you leave it on the floor? What if someone stands on it? Do you leave it in your locker? But then how do you get to it before the alarm wakes everyone up at 7am? No worries – at Haka Lodge, we have shelves on every bunk, the perfect size for you phone, keys and glasses – which means you can get a great night’s sleep and everything is right where you left it in the morning. Problem solved!

Our bunks really are fantastic quality and they are one of the most unique aspects of our lodges. They have storage, are well built and mean you get a great night’s sleep before you head out to explore the amazing country we have on our doorstep.

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